Life in the Lavender House of the Do-Nald of Marradia: An Alternative Universe of Alternative Facts

Chapter Two, Part One

Breaking News:

The Norther Dog Galaxy threatens the Universe again… Marradian Navy on alert… Extreme shortage of Edi Orange Lime after massive quantities arrived for the new Do-Nald celebrations… HRH April Foolz-Day becomes the spokesperson for the Oyveyus Truffle Lingerie Emporium… a new book by Sinhar Inannaschamra – Planetary Liquid Agriculture – is to be published simultaneously on Nibiru and Arcturus… Next year’s fashion color is declared to be cerulean blue…

Just as Oyveyus was enjoying the conversation with Madame Megillah, another advisor came to interrupt rudely. “Chancellor,” he said, breathing hard through his mouth and shaking with excitement, “The Anunnaki delegation is here. You must welcome them.”

Shrugging with mock despair, Oyveyus said, “I will be right there, Mr. ah… tell them I am coming.” The advisor left without revealing his name which Oyveyus could not possibly recall. With so many new faces — did they expect him to recognize them all?

“I will have to go, Madame Gharial,” he said. “The Anunnaki seem to install fear in my people, and they would go into hysterics if I don’t do homage.”

“I find them arrogant and annoying,” said Madame Megillah, “but they are powerful and must be treated with respect. If you have time this week, Chancellor, I have one or two things I would like to discuss with you regarding the Anunnaki. Privately, if possible.”

“I would be delighted, Madame. I will get in touch tomorrow.” He glanced toward the entrance, where the three Anunnaki were standing, surrounded by many people. “Ah,” he said. “As I thought. I knew they would send Marduchk, he is rising quickly, and of course, he brought his hybrid wife…”

“Hybrid?” asked Madame Megillah with interest.

“Yes, she was born half human. By now she is probably all Anunnaki, they do genetic modifications on hybrids. And Marduchk’s famous ancestor, Sinhar Inannaschamra. She is hundreds of years old, you know.”

“She does not look it,” said Madame Megillah.

“Well, I will talk to you tomorrow,” said Oyveyus, and marched with what he hoped was dignity toward the Anunnaki. They were a stunning group, even by the standard of the Anunnaki, who were always handsome. All three of them were extremely tall, with athletic figures, elegant carriage, large, dark eyes and black hair. Oyveyus knew them personally since the three were often involved in political situations. He would never admit it, but Sinhar Marduchk was an object of both admiration and loathing to him. His incredible good looks, his intelligence, dignity, and sophistication could not be denied or ignored, and while Oyveyus hated him, the lingerie designer part of his soul knew how incredibly beautiful Marduchk would look in a white lace teddy or nightgown. As for Ambar Anati, Oyveyus despised her since she was an immigrant, a half human, a hybrid. So no matter how charming, beautiful, and intelligent she was, she was always a second class citizen of Nibiru as far as he was concerned. But Sinhar Inannaschamra was the worst of the lot, because she was flawless. There was nothing he could accuse her of, and that was exceedingly disconcerting.

Sinhar Inannaschamra was immeasurably old, 400,000 years to be exact, much older than what Oyveyus thought she was. The Anunnaki are almost immortal, and they don’t physically age. Strikingly beautiful, she had masses of glossy black hair piled up high on her head, creamy and smooth skin, and dark eyes shining with wisdom and the joy of living. She wore a magnificent crimson robe with heavy silver belt, necklace and earrings, all bearing deep carving and symbols representing the secret names of the Anunnaki first Creator – Aal-Khal Leck-Malkshrink-Nar. Professionally, she was an expert in human history, archaeology, mythology and folklore, subjects she taught at one of the great Nibiru academies. She acquired her knowledge at first hand – traveling over time and space, learning, observing, and writing. Her books were masterpieces, read over countless galaxies. The other two were also highly respected, Ambar Anati functioning as ambassador to Earth, and Marduchk involved in many diplomatic missions.

Oyveyus approached the Anunnaki with trepidation, hiding it as best he could by a show of arrogance. As he came near them, all three bowed gracefully to him, and Sinhar Inannaschamra said, “Congratulations, Chancellor. We are looking forward to working with you and wish you happiness and success in your new role.”

“Thank you, Sinhar Inannaschamra,” said Oyveyus, trying to match her dignity without much success. “I hope for an excellent relationship between our countries during my tenure.”

“I greatly admire your dress, Chancellor,” said Sinhar Ambar Anati. “The color and design suit you perfectly.”

“It’s a great joy to hear it from someone who is known for her taste in fashion,” said Oyveyus, beginning to feel a bit more comfortable.

“And I am happy to see that this peaceful and happy occasion is attended by so many citizens of our universe,” said Sinhar Marduchk, whose quick eye noted that some sworn enemies were talking to each other with pretense to diplomacy. “Quite an achievement on your part, Chancellor.” Oyveyus would not even admit it to himself, but praise from Sinhar Marduchk filled him with great satisfaction. “I see Mrs. Truffle is approaching us,” said Ambar Anati. She knew Small Cabbage very well from previous meetings. “Small Cabbage, how nice to see you! I won’t let my husband ask you to dance before we have a few minutes to ourselves.”

“Indeed, Victoria,” said Small Cabbage, addressing Ambar Anati by her human name, which was the habit of many of her friends. “Come along and have a glass of Owaa and something to eat.” The ladies moved away together.

“Small Cabbage, I see you managed to get the Reptilians to drop their weapons and come over,” said Ambar Anati when the ladies were alone. “Do you think they honestly mean peace?”

“No. I don’t trust the Reptilians further than I can throw them during a dance,” said Small Cabbage. “Victoria, this Megillah woman is trying something. One of my spies heard her requesting a private audience with Oyveyus. I think it has something to do with the attack by the Northern Dog Galaxy…”

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