Is It Possible, Or Even Desirable, To Create A Golem? Part Two

I have no proof to offer for the creation of golems, but an enormous amount of anecdotal evidence exists, enough to cause serious interest in the question. Several specific groups of people claim to be able to do so, among them the Kabbalists, some alchemists, and the Anunnaki Ulema. When the Masters in such a group reach high levels of enlightenment, they have several ways to create golems. In all occasions, the creatures function much like human beings but have three profound fundamental differences. They don’t have a soul, they don’t have a physical heart that works as a blood pump, and they don’t have a wired brain. Their essence comes from another dimension, to which they return after their task is done. They are created for that task, and that is their only purpose. The creator tells them what to do, and they do it right away.

The Anunnaki have a slightly different style for creating life. When they created the first human beings, they were similar to the Kabbalistic golem, a creature made of clay and infused with life by its creator. You might call the Biblical Eve the first female golem, but the truth is that they did not create just one “Eve,” but seven different ones, and also produced seven different “Adams.” The Anunnaki started watching these golems to learn how they walked, behaved, and reacted to various situations. Then they began to help them develop certain physical and mental faculties. Some of these faculties we still have, some were lost. One of the most important traits they gave these golems was speech.

The Anunnaki developed a language that would suit the golems and called it Ana’kh. It was not the official Anunnaki language, as spoken on Nibiru. It was a dialect, or a limited version of the Anunnaki language, based on limited phraseology and vocabulary, and without any grammar to speak of. But the sounds were well captured by those ancient golems/humans, who lived in the area that was later to be Phoenicia.

When the Anunnaki created the golems/humans, they put the faculty of memory in their Conduits. It was supposed to be programmed in such a way as to last for a few years, until the task that was assigned to the golem/human was accomplished. At the expiration of the allotted time, the memory was supposed to end. But for some reason it did not, the golems/humans retained much of it, and some of them remembered the words they have learned from their masters and creators. We know that they put it in writing, but unfortunately, most of these priceless records disappeared. All we have left is the information that the Anunnaki moved from Phoenicia to Central Africa, Iraq, Egypt, and Ethiopia, stayed there for a while, and then returned to their home planet, Nibiru.

They came back to Earth much later, in 10,000 BCE. The records show that they landed in Baalbeck, and spread to Tyre, Sidon, Byblos, and Arwad. A huge gap exists between the time they left Earth and their return, so we don’t fully know what the golems/humans did during this gap, but the Anunnaki found them considerably changed. These people, who possessed Anunnaki DNA, evolved into modern humans, and many were living in the areas where the Anunnaki landed for the second time. They were surprised to find that the language that they have taught the golem/humans was still in use by the humans, but very much developed.

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