Important Quotations from Victoria

Most of the people who claim to have met the aliens describe them as three to four feet tall, gray, and possessing big, dark, bug eyes. This is not the case.

What really upsets me, though, is the idea that all aliens are out to rape, mutilate, and generally harm their abductees. This was not the case with me – exactly the opposite.

The Anunnaki live for thousands of years, and their understanding of history is very deep. We, who live such short lives, make many historical mistakes, even when written records are available.

Would you be interested to learn about very influential politicians from different countries, and belonging to different faiths, who manipulate the fate of humanity, and even very ordinary people, through an international organization headquartered in Europe?

Contrary to all beliefs, including what Judaism, Christianity and Islam teach us, Eve was not created from the rib of Adam. Men were created from an early female form that was “fertilized” by the leaders and the elite of the Anunnaki. The women lived in quarantined cities, and had both sons and daughters fathered by the Anunnaki.

On some of the manifestos of military parts used in anti-gravity secret laboratories underground in the United States, several letters were borrowed from the “Enuma Elish” of Sumeria and regularly appeared on the top right corner of each document.

They do not contact people like we do, on your planet. They abduct them. You are probably familiar with many stories that come from the people that they have abducted, but much of what these people say is inaccurate, and based upon mind control that the Grays and Marradians exercise on them.

The Grays and Marradians can enter the human mind quite easily, and they find what the abductees are feeling and thinking about various subjects. Then, they can either threaten them by various means, or persuade them by a promise of reward.

The Grays and Marradians take the eggs out of the woman, the way you just saw it on the monitor, put them in a tube, fertilize it by an electric or sometimes atomic way, and the hybrid grows in the tube until it is of term. No woman has ever given birth to a hybrid.

I pity them too, but you must realize that they are closer to the Grays and Marradians in their character and behavior than they are to humans.

“And in the meantime, suffering means nothing to you?”  “It means a lot, but destroying the Grays and Marradians would not eliminate suffering in all the universes we go to. There are other species that are even worse, you just don’t know them because the objects of their behavior are not humans.”

“But from my experience, you are returning?” “Yes. We will, because we fear two things that could destroy Earth and annihilate the human race. The domination of earth and the human race by the Grays and Marradians, and the destruction of human life and planet Earth by the hands of humans. The whole earth could blow up. Should this happen, the entire solar system could be destroyed.

Each time the abductions accelerated, they created the worst times humanity ever experienced. The accelerated abductions corresponded to the Inquisition, for example, to the Holocaust in Nazi Germany, and even were related to specific people, such as Vlad Dracula, Stalin, Genghis Khan, and many, many others. Torquemada, Hitler, and the others mentioned above were loaded with the Grays and Marradians’ DNA. We are now experiencing an accelerated period. It has started in the 1920s. We can see the results already, but the next few decades will be even worse.

If indeed the Anunnaki would rise to end the atrocities and save the lives of humans, not to mention prevent more of the Grays and Marradians’ DNA from contaminating the earth, it will be worth every effort, every sacrifice.

“I imagine it must have been a cover-up for the President’s real business.” “It was. Eisenhower was actually taken to Muroc Airfield, which later was renamed Edwards Air Force Base. There, he met with Grays. No president had ever done so before. The delegation of the extra-terrestrials consisted of eleven Grays and Marradians. Six from Zeta Reticuli, and five from earth’s underwater bases.”

I walked the streets, took the subway, went on buses, visited museums, stores, offices, hospitals, senior citizens homes, schools, and more. Everywhere I went I saw Grays and Marradians in shape-shifted form. Obviously, they did not only infiltrate the military, but spread out much more. They flooded the city. Some worked in offices, some in restaurants, obviously doing it as part of their agenda. They were nurses, teachers, officials, sanitation engineers…. Your doctor could be a Gray. The nice lady in the department store could be one. The teacher of your young child could be one. In addition, I saw many hybrids. Vicious, unfeeling, and manipulative, they flocked mostly into the entertainment industry, the financial world, and the advertising field. It seemed they liked glamour. The Grays and Marradians and their slaves, the Hybrids, have invaded the world.

Every government on earth was in terror of the Grays and Marradians. The Anunnaki were feared, too, and the knowledge that they will very likely attempt to clean the earth, terrified the humans, but not enough to get them out of their fearful paralysis regarding the Grays and Marradians.

Earth will be cleaned of all the pollution. For lack of better description, try to imagine a huge vacuum cleaner removing all the landfills, eliminating all the plastics, all the dirt, all the smog from the air, and all the filth from the ocean. In a few short minutes, the earth will be sparkling clean, a pristine planet, the way it was when we had first created it. Disposing of the garbage involves a very high technology which humans simply do not as yet understand. The beautiful clean planet will be ready to be repopulated, and in an instant, the humans, animals, plants, and inanimate objects that were saved in the bubble, would be returned to earth. Anunnaki guides will be there for the humans, who would naturally need quite a bit of help to adjust to the new life.

Those who were heavily contaminated, and who were engaging in cruelty, greed, and violence for their own gain, will have no chance at all. They will simply be destroyed, and there is no need to even think about them any further.

As soon as you enter the Ba’ab, you are already in another dimension. It is extremely frightening, a deep blackness illuminated by explosions, thunderbolts, and streaking comets. There is a very high level of a stormy, whoosh-like sound – the noise can be deafening – and the traveler is swept with violent speed forward, unable to resist or help the move, and constantly twirled and twisted in one direction, and then the other.

The sun seemed to undergo an eclipse, but it was not a natural one. A massive ceiling of metal shapes of machinery, gadgets, wheels, and shifting lights covered the sky. They were ominously silent, as if waiting.

From the bottom of the spaceships, a special substance was diffused, and it landed in huge, swirling streams. It was a black liquid, mixed with light and electricity, and some strange sparkling particles, which I was sure was a form of energy or radiation.

It smells like fire and brimstone, but strangely, it is cold to the touch. Yet, it burns everything that touches it. This is a tool of annihilation, a tool that no one can fight.

Huge stacks of smoke rose up into the sky, cars melted, buildings collapsed, and fires started everywhere, seemingly not only by the touch of the substance, but spontaneously, when the wind carries the particles of energy into flammable materials. The combination of images and sounds was that of chaos, pain, confusion, and death.With so much death and destruction, a small part of me wanted to pray for the souls of the ones who were killed. Something in my head wanted to turn to God. Then I laughed. If our kind of paternal God had existed, He would not have allowed humans to be so cruel, so horrible, as to cause a need for such massive cleansing. I was beginning to grasp the nature of All-That-Is, the concept of a creative God that encompassed everything and learned from it voraciously. He, she or it would not have mercy on our souls. I bowed my head, and then raised it and looked at the Council.

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