Finding Your Power Stone

A specimen of Mica (Manhattan) Schist

Many people have an interest in crystals, minerals, rocks and stones and collect them for many reasons – science, beauty, and often, for their power to heal and protect. Our knowledge and understanding of the power of stones is not as advanced as that of the Marradians, and especially the Anunnaki.

The Marradians are interested mostly in gem stones and beautiful crystals, but the Anunnaki’s science has proven that some of the more common stones may be the most powerful. They know how to find the power stones that fit their purposes, and the interesting thing is that they claim that the most appropriate stones for each person is the stones common to the place where the person lives. If we try to understand the way these stones work, we may discover many new opportunities to enhance our lives.

If you have a particular desire to move to a different part of the country, try to If obtain a piece of stone that lines the area you wish to move to. Meditate on it, concentrating on your wish to move to that place. It is entirely possible that you would suddenly be alerted to the opportunity to do exactly that.

Most people on our planet, who are interested in the power of crystals, minerals, rocks and stones are familiar with only a limited selection of gems and minerals. The situation is unfortunate because certain rocks and minerals that you walk on every day pack the kind of energy that can change your world. There is much research to be done, but since I live in Manhattan in New York City, I naturally decided to start the research with one of the stones that line the area I live in.

One of these marvelous stones is Mica (Manhattan) Schist. As the name implies, it is one of the five bedrock layers that comprise the geologic foundation of New York City. The breakdown is more or less like this:

Fordham gneiss – primarily in the Bronx;

Manhattan schist – Lower and northern Manhattan

The Hartland Formation – central Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens

Staten Island Serpentinite – in Staten Island

Inwood marble – Manhattan and under the Hudson River, Harlem River, and East River

Schist is extremely durable; without its strength, the majestic skyline of the city’s skyscrapers could never exist. Nor could the subways be so reliably built. And if you try to imagine its age, it will take your breath away. 450 million years ago, the continents were still connected into the supercontinent Pangea. It rested on landmasses called tectonic plates. These plates “swim” on the earth’s molten core, and they move and shift, creating tremendous energy that causes volcanic eruption and earthquakes.

Scientists describe a violent collision that had happened between the location that is now the East Coast of North America and the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. This dramatic event pushed a layer of shale, which is a rock comprised of clay and sand, deep into the molten core. The heat cooked the shale into a blend of minerals, including quartz, feldspar, and mica, among others, and the combination resulted in schist. After another incomprehensible length of time, more continental shifts pushed the schist up into the surface. Once above ground, Manhattan Schist is easy to recognize by its structure of layers and the mica flecks in it. They glisten in the sun so beautifully that you can easily mistake them for gold or silver.

Think about it. The dramatic formation. 450 million years of energy. Thousands of years under the influence of the spirituality of the Native Americans. And then, it has become a part of the most exciting city in the world. What can be stronger than the vibrant, sleepless, wild energy of Manhattan? And how can it benefit you?

It is incredibly powerful. The layered structure hint of the ability to peel off any stagnant energy and allows you to work your way through the chakras. It is unmatched for attunements, past lives investigation, and dream work. And if you have any trouble meditating, holding it in your hand usually overcomes any blocks. But most of all, It transmits high-frequency energy, and amplifies is as needed. As you bond with it, it will gradually open up to you and release the kind of energy that is typical of its place of origin – Manhattan. You may expect an enhancement of self-esteem, higher level of professional productivity and leadership, creativity, and a desire to succeed and grow in whatever career you pursue. These qualities may increase your earning power as well.

And it will never run out of energy. Not after accumulating it for over 450 million years!

In future segments, I will try and find more about other Manhattan stones, probably starting with Inwood Marble, which is abundant in that area.


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