Creating Your Mirror to Alternate Realities Part Four

Part Four

Subsequent Visits to the Alternate Realities

After the initial visit to the alternate reality, you will no longer need to use the Minzar. As mentioned before, some students find it easier to look at the Minzar for a while before attempting the visit, but it is not entirely necessary.

  • The best time to visit is your usual bed time. Before you go to sleep, just lie down on your bed. Generally, it is best to lie on your right side, to avoid pressure on the heart.
  • Close your eyes. Think about the place you want to visit. Draw as clear a picture of it in your mind as you can. At this point, remember the way your hands were placed on the Minzar, and imagine yourself behind your fingers.
  • Tell yourself the first activity you wish to perform during your visit.
  • For seven to ten seconds, do not think at all. Make your mind completely blank.
  • Do not be startled – amazing things will begin to happen now. Images will float before your eyes, you will hear sounds or noises. This is called “The buzzing of the mind.”
  • At this moment, the preliminary rapport is established between the necessary cell in your Conduit and your double in the alternate reality. The cell will zoom you there and your double will be your guide. In other words, the cell acts as your vessel and the double as the pilot.
  • As soon as you arrive, the double will stop all activities and instantly merge with you. Your visit has begun.

Benefits and Advantages

Besides the pleasure and learning experiences that you gain through your trips to the alternate reality, there are several concrete advantages that will manifest themselves very soon in your normal reality.

  • You will be less tense or nervous.
  • You will gradually lose any phobia that might have tormented you for many years, perhaps all your life.
  • Your physical health will improve.
  • You will be able to work efficiently since you will bring with you some very important creations, plans, or thoughts from your alternate reality. Such products or services will be performed in much greater speed since they have been “rehearsed” in the alternate reality.
  • You can learn languages with surprising speed since you can actually learn them first in the alternate reality, and the memory is retained. That applies to other skills, such as computer skills, art, music, and many others.
  • You will put every moment to good advantage. If you hate waiting in line, or sitting in the doctor’s office, or listening to your boss droning on and on while of course, you cannot put a stop to the conversation, just hop to the new reality for a few minutes, and do something fun or creative there. Of course, for these few moments, you will be out of touch with your earth body, but you will be recalled back quickly as soon as needed. Obviously, using this quick “hop” you will never be bored again, ever. To complement this activity, it is advisable to always carry a notepad and a pen in case you wish to quickly record an experience. 

Returning to Your Regular Reality on Earth

We must note that there is never any need for fear. Some people are concerned that the body that they have left on earth when visiting their alternate reality might be exposed to harm, perhaps even attacked. There is no reason for such fear. First of all, with the exception of the first time, when you originally build the Minzar, you will usually do it in the privacy of your own bedroom, and alone. Second, no matter how long you will spend in your alternate reality, you will return to your body seconds after you left it in our reality here, since time flows very differently in the alternate reality, and the Conduit knows how to handle it.

The only thing you should be concerned about is not to come back into the body too quickly. If you panic suddenly and zoom into your body, you may harm it by this speed. You are perfectly safe, so come back easily and slowly.

The best procedure for a beginner is to spend the time and enjoy the stay in the alternate reality without worrying about coming back. The first few times would not take long, since you are so new at it, anyway. After a while, your stays will be extended. In both cases, after what seems to be minutes, hours, days, or months, since it really does not matter how long you are there, suddenly you will remember that you left your body behind. For a few seconds, you are not sure which part of you is real, and it may create the sense of fear discussed above. Remember there is nothing to fear, your Conduit is in control, and it knows what it is doing. So when this moment arrives, allow yourself to relax, and in seconds you will be aware that you are back in the presence of your normal earth body. Do not rush, and do not bunch yourself quickly into the body from either side. Instead, help your Conduit by hovering horizontally right above your body, and then settling peacefully into it. Most likely that will be followed by a few minutes sleep, after which you will wake up refreshed and in complete recollection of your activities in the alternate reality.


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