Melvin Worthington

Author of 350 books on the Marradians, Mr. Worthington is considered the world’s leading expert on this ancient, mysterious alien race, but little is really known for certain about his own life and background, shrouded in murky speculation.

He was born Murray Weintraub in Forest Hills, New York, the only child of an upholsterer and beautician; no one has ever seen his birth certificate. A citizen of the world with reportedly six passports, he has also been known as Maximillien de Rousseau, Paolo Zaccaria and Ahmed bin Said.

Among the startling claims of his experience with UFOs, Worthington has been rumored as one of the founders of the mythical CIA-Mossad project, Barukh Haba, investigating underwater extra-terrestrial bases and, according to several sources, was the lead interrogator of a captured alien in the Straits of Hormusz.

Earlier, Worthington attended several universities in the United States and Europe, obtaining a doctorate in philology, and teaching linguistics, literary criticism, history, and archeology at the Sorbonne before a criminal investigation forced his resignation; Interpol interceded on his behalf, fueling conjecture about his affiliation with various intelligence agencies.

A stunning linguist, Worthington boasts he is conversant in 34 Earth languages, including ancient Sumerian. Worthington also proclaims expertise in the study of the ancient alien race Annunaki, arguing that the vast body of scholarly work protecting the Annunaki has obscured the Marradian contribution to human history, comprising a veritable cover-up, perhaps involving several unnamed governments.

Worthington has long insisted quite publicly on many interviews from CNN and MSNBC to Fox News that he is a descendant of Marradian-human interbreeding techniques, citing alien blood levels at 42.3; independent tests have failed to confirm that, which Mr. Worthington ascribes as a failure of Terran technology.

Worthington has never been married, though he has been named in paternity suits in Finland, Greece and Kenya.