The Story

Mel Worthington (Gys de Villiers/Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom) has become a prolific best-selling author by inventing endless books about the Marradians, who he claims are ancient aliens. However, there really are Marradians. Led by the ruthless Do-nald (Eric Rausch/Brecht’s The Roundheads and the Pointheads), they’re planning to conquer Terra (Earth). All that stands in their way is the pompous Worthington and his fiery girlfriend Anita (Marlene Villafane/Oklahoma). Will humanity remain free — or become enslaved? Since some believe our presidential candidates might be aliens…


A Sci-Fi Radio comedy-adventure

(in 4-Parts)


Mike Sargent has produced and directed Mad Mel and the Marradians the 4-Part Sci-Fi Radio adventure, which is adapted by Gary Morgenstein from his stage play, which was first presented at the Midtown International Theater Festival.


Meet the Radio Cast

Timely and provocative political themes, smart dialogue, funny larger-than-life characters, and a wonderfully gifted cast

I’m in…

I must know how this story pans out