Thirty thousand years ago, two great ancient alien civilizations, the Marradians and the Annunaki, lived in peace. As much peace as could two rivals carving up the Galaxy. Living on the planet Nibiru, they were cousins before the Great Parting, fueled by the Annunaki’s insistence that inferior life forms could be raised in their own endemic image, while Marradians only believed in fealty, the boot and the death stick, or S’ar.

There are many misconceptions that can only be touched upon briefly here. For example, The Marradians are commonly but erroneously called The Grays, though of course government and military personnel are aware of the truth. The name “Grays” comes from the idea that all aliens look like small gray things with big eyes. However, neither the Marradians nor the Annunaki look anything like it. The Annunaki, who had visited Earth thousands of years ago, are impossibly handsome. They were considered Gods among the ancient Sumerians, and are mentioned in the Bible as The Nephilim – The Fallen Angels. Some say they actually created the human race! The Marradians are not all that handsome, but they look human and can intermingle easily with us.

The Annunaki do not currently live on Earth. The Marradians, on the other hand, had created stations on Earth and many of them lived here, mostly underwater, for thousands of years. In their minds, the Marradians own the Earth, and the humans are interlopers. They have bases underwater, in the Pacific, near Puerto Rico, and under Alaska’s glaciers. The objects we call USO (Unidentified Submerged Objects) are their dangerous crafts.

The brutal Marradians were jealous of the all-wise Annunaki and their remarkable way of peacefully conquering other civilizations through knowledge. Peace could not last, and finally, the envious Marradians broke the Treaty of Manu, which had divided up the Lesser Worlds. Led by their first great Imperial Chancellor, Lod, the Marradians attacked Annunaki outposts on Jupiter, Mars and Earth’s Moon. The war culminated in a horrific nuclear conflict over Earth, which destroyed the ancient city of Ur. Several catastrophes mentioned in the Bible are related to this holocaust.

Under the Treaty of the Bent Knee, the Annunaki retreated and the planet fell under Marradian guardianship. For thousands of years, the Marradians secretly interbred with humans from their undersea bases, providing key technological advances and paving the way for Earth to become part of the Marradian Empire — once the Terrans demonstrated suitability to join the rest of the civilized Galaxy. The decision was postponed many times.

Official Marradian history tells a different story of benevolence, kindness and wisdom, a loving parent. It is all lies. The amount of information available on the truth of this important subject is vast and incredibly interesting. In the future, we hope to supply you with fascinating information about the Marradians and the Annunaki – including subjects that have never been discussed before. Stay tuned!